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Dec 16 2013

Volunteer abroad: Medical Assistants

There are a lot of third world countries that are in dire need of quality healthcare facilities and services. Think of it this way, after being ravaged by disease, infection and viruses, the lifespan of the population of those areas is dramatically decreased, not to mention the fact that the quality of life itself is less than desirable as a result of that.

This has motivated countless people to not only contribute, but to actually go to those places and try to make a difference. Medical students are some of the most predominant game changers in third world countries, closely followed by teachers and administrators.

Indeed, it is not only an honorable and respectable thing to do, but it can also be in the volunteer’s favor as well, mostly because of the experience that the volunteer himself will gain and all the life lessons that he or she can learn as a result of their stay in that country.