Aug 23 2014

Medical Assistant – Is It Right For You

Now that you’ve decided you may want to become a medical assistant, it is important to consider if the job is the right fit for you.  While the market may be growing rapidly, and there are a plethora of jobs available, it is still important to decide if you are a good fit for the position.  Medical assisting isn’t for everyone but it is easy enough to decide if you truly want to pursue a job in the medical assisting field.

Questions to Ask

Before embarking on your new career path as a medical assistant there are a few questions you may want to consider before taking the leap.  Considering each question carefully will give you a better idea of what to expect in the medical assistant field.

  • Do you have an interest in the medical field?
  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Are you people oriented?
  • Are you good a multitasking?


Why the Questions are Important

Some of these questions may seem fairly straightforward but if looked at a little deeper it is obvious why they are so important to someone looking to start a career as a medical assistant. Without an interest in the medical field it is easy to become bored quickly and lose interest in the job itself.  Wishing to help others is also extremely important in this field.  Often, when coming to a medical office, visitors are anxious, stressed, and worried.  Part of the job is to help them through these times.  This goes together with being people oriented.  You will be working directly with the customers so being able to empathize and show an understanding is vital.  It helps them to feel better and develops a trust with the office.  Just as important is the ability to multitask.  It may sound like a no brainer but often people are better at doing work that has a singular focus.  As a medical assistant you would be juggling multiple tasks at once depending on the particular type of office and how busy it can become.

Medical Assistant Duties

The duties of a medical assistant can vary widely depending on the medical office or facility.  Some of the expected duties can range from front desk office assistance, to more clinical duties involving preparing clients to be seen by the doctor.  Some of the clinical duties may require drawing blood, removing sutures, explaining medications, and basic laboratory tests.  If you feel ill prepared to conduct any of these duties it is possible to check with the offices you are applying for work at to see what duties their medical assistants perform and if they offer training.

Becoming a medical assistant can be a good career move for the right person.  Once you have taken into consideration all of the questions and job duties, if you still feel that you are a good fit then it can be a rewarding job choice.  Not only will you be helping others but you will be learning important skills that can help you move up to other job opportunities within the medical field  should you seek a promotion in the future.

Apr 9 2014

9 “Out of the Box” Places for Medical Assistant Jobs

When we think of medical assistants, many of us envision a hospital setting, or a doctor’s office. There are jobs that need to be filled in many niches of the medical world, so it is important to look outside the box when searching for a medical assistant job that is right for you! Here are nine “Out of the Box” Places to get you thinking differently about employment opportunities: Read More >>

Dec 16 2013

How to select the Best Medical Assistant Certification Programs & schools by Value

In order to start a career as a medical assistant, a person must first undergo the training required in order to become one. The first thing one must do is choose the school or program that he or she wants to complete and graduate from in order to become a medical assistant. There might even be colleges that offer free laptops. Onlineschoolsthatofferlaptops has provide a list of schools for you.

This is quite tricky, because in the US, education is one of the most expensive luxuries that you can find on the market. So I order to get the education that you need, and still have some money left over in order to do things like eating and ensuring a minimum of comfort as well as the possibilities of paying your bills, you will have to pick the best school from a value stand point.

This is where things get complicated because the most expensive schools tend to overcharge for the knowledge that they pass on, and the cheapest schools are predominantly bad ones that will make you unable to get a job in the field, so the best thing that you can do is find the point in which these factors balance and go for that.


Dec 16 2013

The 10 best Medical Assistant Scholarships programs

We all know by this point that in order to become a Medical Assistant, you need to undergo extensive training and the education that this requires, however here is where we tend to hit the first wall.

Education is a costly thing in the US, and if we go to other, cheaper countries, the diplomas and certificates that they give tend to be worth as much as the paper they are printed on in the US.

Therefore, whether we like it or not, we are stuck with the insanely high prices and bills that come with US education.

Now there are a lot of ways in which we can go about this, one more precarious than the other, but in order to succeed as a medical assistant, you must explore all options

You can take out a student loan, which will plague you for a number of years, getting a job in this period is out of the question because you will not be able to manage your time and you will most likely drop out of school, or you can do the next best thing and get a scholarship.


Dec 16 2013

Volunteer abroad: Medical Assistants

There are a lot of third world countries that are in dire need of quality healthcare facilities and services. Think of it this way, after being ravaged by disease, infection and viruses, the lifespan of the population of those areas is dramatically decreased, not to mention the fact that the quality of life itself is less than desirable as a result of that.

This has motivated countless people to not only contribute, but to actually go to those places and try to make a difference. Medical students are some of the most predominant game changers in third world countries, closely followed by teachers and administrators.

Indeed, it is not only an honorable and respectable thing to do, but it can also be in the volunteer’s favor as well, mostly because of the experience that the volunteer himself will gain and all the life lessons that he or she can learn as a result of their stay in that country.


Dec 16 2013

Top Best Healthcare Jobs for Medical Assistant

A medical assistant learning is not a job title in on its own but rather a generalization of all the actual subfields that are handled by this title. There are a lot of jobs that a medical assistant can fill with the right training, therefore the person that opts to become a medical assistant must first of all figure out what he or she actually wants to do after the training itself is over.

This is something that must be done right before getting started with the training itself and choosing which fields are the ones that you will be working in.

Sadly, a person cannot train for all fields at the same time, so having a good idea what, where and how you want to go about this is the best plan that you can have. There will be a lot of hours of research that will go into finding the information that you will need, so here are a few of the best jobs that a medical assistant can have.


Dec 16 2013

Post-Secondary Education Definition

The great advantage to learning is that it poses an opportunity to grow and further development in ones career as well as character. If you are meaning to have a basic level of education and do not have the necessary financial backing for college then one can finely attune to a different path in ones completion of studies. Post-secondary education definition adherers to education beyond high school.


Dec 16 2013

Learn Development Easy Using online

There’s a lot of most people while in the universe who have trouble wanting to learn something. A lot also don’t have the time and money to pay and shell out time having an instructor who is very far from them. But the introduction with the Internet based makes it simpler and easier for people who wish to figure out a probability to learn very easily and essentially effortlessly. This is named using the web knowing reinforce or becoming educated administration structure for some.

A web-based practicing encouragement platform is essentially a technical hub for storage and use of Internet-based discovering equipment’s. It’s also a web page the place you are able to put a variety of coaching resources for people who would like to gain knowledge of any topic they decide. There isn’t any doubt online makes studying a complete lot better! The only conceivable trouble is choosing what to understand 1st amidst all of the details. With web based understanding the concepts of help support, learning is built a great deal of quicker and less time consuming.


Dec 16 2013

3 Mistakes You Can Avoid in Drivers Education

Drivers education is all about taking in as much information as possible and using that information to pass both the written and driving skills portion of the overall test. While it may sound simple, there is a lot of difficulty to be had when trying to take in all of this information.

There are three major mistakes that individuals who are taking drivers education courses tend to make. Understanding these mistakes and looking at how to avoid them will help you to pass your final test and get your drivers license.